Arts Conference Kollaborativ09 from Thursday 2nd  till Saturday 4th of July 2009 in Berlin

docNEW: agenda - program!! (PDF)

Kollaborativ09 is a platform for artists and other people from the creative industries who want to participate in shaping our society and who ascribe meaning to the Christian message.
Kollaborativ09 wants to investigate the idea of success – the different aspects of the meaning of our professional success in relation to our own creative work. Together we want to consider the tension between our desires to freely pursue and develop our own style on the one hand, and the issues of the necessary recognition and financial security of our work on the other hand. We will explore questions of competition, self-reflection and the positioning of ourselves in the face of the seemingly endless flow of input, criticism and expectations in a creative urban setting.

The conference is also seeking to create a framework to reflect on these and other professional questions from the point of view of the Christian faith. How can the resources of our faith nurture and support our daily routine – our individual creative work and its development?

The collaborative approach is essential for the conference's program, its base being a variety of different workshops arranged by artists and creatives of different trades. In addition, we will host different talks, each one taking on different personal or professional questions, as well as the Kollaborativ09 Collective Brainstorm where projects and topics of other participants can be presented and discussed.