• Kollaborativ09-Collective Brainstorm
On the evening of Friday 3rd July we'll be presenting the FILESHARINGBOX along with the Kollaborativ09-Collective Brainstorm, which finds its origins in a new kind of public speaking, the so-called ''Pecha Kucha'' (more literally translated from the Japanese as ''woolly chatter''). In quick succession, conference participants present their ideas, personal interests and burning issues, projects or work. No talk lasts longer than 16 x 20 seconds, or in other words, 5 minutes and 20 seconds. What this means is a heap of inspiration and the chance to network and swap ideas with other creatives. It won't be boring! If you'd like to apply for the Kollaborativ09-Collective Brainstorm, details regarding the application procedure and your eligibility are available here.

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• FILESHARINGBOX during Kollaborativ09
A bit of a catch-up with friends and suddenly you've got your laptop out and are showing each other projects, websites and other inspiring discoveries that you've found on the net and want to share. Sound familiar? The conference will also give you  an opportunity to present your web content in a FILESHARINGBOX. This includes your own project sites as well as any interesting stuff you've found on the net, such as other authors/artists/archives/documentation/useful sites etc. that you find inspiring and want to share.

The result? A list of links will be posted on the Kollaborativ09 website at the end of the conference and made available to all participants.

Idea and Implementation: Michael Tewes, Photographer, Berlin