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A collaborative approach is integral to the conference:

The foundation for this will be a series of workshops offered by artists and creatives from different fields. In addition there will be Vignettes of artistic contributions from selected participants as well as lectures, which touch upon issues ranging from the social to the personal. The Kollaborativ09 Collective Brainstorm is an evening where conference participants can present their own projects and ideas. To apply to be part of please click here.

SPEAKERS on the 3rd and 4th July 2009:
--Martin Schleske (Munich)
master of constructor for violins (
--Steve Cole (London)
founder of Artisan (
--Donata Wenders (Berlin)
photographer (

The conference will have its opening on the 2nd of July at 7 pm at the Gallery Kollaborativ with the exhibition „üntitled“ – Jennifer Mills (USA) and Jon Adrie Hoekstra (Berlin).
MOVIE NIGHT with director Wim Wenders “Success is living through it!” 
Kollaborativ09 presents in collaboration with Bablyon “Palermo Shooting”, followed by an open discussion with the director.
Date: 4th of July 2009 at 7.30 pm
The movie night is open to the public; tickets are available at Babylon box office.

During Kollaborativ09, workshops will take different points of focus:

_„By professionals, for professionals“
_a social or culturally relevant direction
_special theological issues taken from daily practice and experience of faith
Every participant may choose to attend two workshops at the conference!

Following workshops will be held in English

The art world is oftened labelled ‘global’. At the same time, single trends and the success of creative people are strongly linked to local events: Berlin as label. What do these global/local dimensions mean for an interpersonal dialogue between artists? What influences global trends most of all? These questions will be worked through and discussed collectively with insights into the current art scenes in Switzerland, Austria, Thailand, China and New Zealand.
John Silvis, Künstler und Direktor von NYCAMS, NYC

In a biblical vision of the artist's calling, an ambitious commitment to develop one's talents and gifts is certainly affirmed. It is all too easy, however, in our cultural climate, for this personal goal to distract us from the call to be agents of redemptive work in this world. Are success and shalom necessarily competing goals? With a brief look at some remarks from Jacques Maritain and Mark Rothko, we will consider in this workshop what the Bible has to tell us about our longing to succeed.
Robb Ludwick, Lecturer and Pastoral Counselor at L'Abri Fellowship, Eck en Wiel, NL

Thoughts and conversation on image (the given, the trends, marketing expectations), on imagination (faith, calling and creative vision) and the tension between the two leading to creative and spiritual improvisation.
Siki Im, Modedesigner (until recently Senior Designer for Helmut Lang) New York 

Success can be elusive in creative endeavors. It’s one of the only fields where the best and the brightest can go unrecognized, unappreciated and unpaid. In Hollywood, self-promotion is an art, a business and a must.  How do those who do it well do it well and what are the pitfalls of those who do it poorly? Knowing the market, knowing yourself and defining success are essential. In this seminar, we’ll look at lessons from Hollywood and how they can be applied in the European market.
Kim Door, Production & Talent Agent, Los Angeles